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The free market art platform, where only the best artistic projects rise over the others.

No institution or group of specialists will determine what’s good or bad in the new open, decentralized, and free market. Art creations compete in an even platform for the limited resources of users, who trade digital assets of their favorite artwork.


Artolin is a stock-exchange art platform designed to operate through measuring artwork acceptance in the market.
Digital assets are created to exchange, swap, buy or sell, or just fund and promote your favorite artwork. As a consequence, a free art market emerges with the rise or fall in recognition of each particular proposal.
If the 
traditional bureaucratic structures that dictate the value of a given piece of art are removed from the equation, only the market (platform users) will determine which proposals have more value, and as a consequence, pump the price of the digital assets which correspond to the best creations.

This way the most successful artwork is expected to rise in popularity and therefore in price, benefiting shareholders and creators.


In order to trade and control digital assets, users need to create a new Wallet. For people who already know how to use cryptocurrencies, no more explanations are required. For those who still need to learn how to operate in the future of finance, this is the best way to get started. Our staff will be pleased to help through the process of creating and protecting a new Wallet. Once the quick steps to properly operate a Wallet are learned, users will be ready to control their investments and trade assets in the decentralized exchange.


Users can see the whole art exhibit at the Equity Gallery. By clicking the image, users can find details about the artist and his/her work, as well as the estimated whole market price, number of issued shares, and unit price of corresponding digital assets.

Author: A.G.Grillasca
Technique: Oil on canvas
Size: 60x40cm
Issuance: 70
Mk Price: 17.000 Atns 

La Pasion
Author: Lizette Abraham
Technique: Paper Cotton
Size: 90x90cm
Issuance: 1
Mk Price: 7.00 Atns 

Space Louse
Author: GusGG
Technique: Ink on canvas
Size: 60x40cm
Issuance: 70
Mk Price: 17.000 Atns 


Artoline is the token created to operate inside the ArtOlin Platform. Acquiring Artolines is the first step for anyone to buy and trade artwork shares through the decentralized exchange. All projects and works in progress shown in the Equity Gallery are priced in Artolines.

Artolines also work as equity tokens for the whole ArtOlin Platform Project, and acquiring Artolines is the equivalent of investing in the Artolin Platform Project. In the same way the stock market works when investing on particular projects in traditional finance, you acquire Artolines as shares.

Is in the best interest for enthusiasts of the ArtOlin Platform Project to get Artolines, the same way shareholders invest in businesses they see potential in, since the more popular and successful the ArtOlin Platform Project becomes, the higher the price of each Artoline will go.


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